Welcome to the Gun Corner!

Also known as Kenga Company LLC, The Gun Corner is fully equipped to supply all your firearm needs. Hunting is one of America’s favorite pass times. Our national passion for guns is part of the building blocks of our national character. Founding father, Thomas Jefferson once said, “A well armed populace is the best defense against tyranny.” Our second amendment rights have been threatened over the years, but they remain strong.

Keeping guns in the family is an old practice, and many firearms keep well over the years. With some cleaning, and tweaking, most guns can be fully functional and fine specimens for the long haul. Modifications marry with refurbishing have resulted in vast new firearms forms. In keeping with this expansive industry, Kenga Company LLC is your doorkeeper to all firearms accessories and tools.

We feature a small in house inventory for our local fans in Lancaster, PA. Our on line hub, The Gun Corner, is brimming with stock of all kinds such as:

• Guns, gun parts, hard and soft gun cases
• Ammunition
• Scopes, sights, lasers, lights
• Barrels and choke tubes
• Holsters and clothes
• Targets, knives and archery
• Cleaning equipment
• Survival gear
• Reloading equipment