Detailed Services

Mount Recoil Pad $30.00
Mount Scope and Laser sights (does not include mount, rings or scope) $50.00 (Free with purchase of Scope)
Drill frame for scope mount /drill hole $15.00/hole
Savage 99 hole drilled $25.00
Gunsmith work $40/hr.
Machining work Lathe or Mill etc. $50/hr.
Glock Trigger 3.5 trigger job Labor and Parts
(Glock or Ghost 3.5 lbs Connector and springs, polish ramp) $Labor +PARTS $95,
Glock Trigger Competition, ZEV Fulcrum competition adjustable trigger polish and install trigger assembly, springs, marine
retainer, skeleton firing pin. Labor and parts – $250
1911 Trigger job Factory trigger $80, add fitted PARTS $135, includes (cylinder & Slide) fitted sear and skeletonized hammer,
Main spring. (Kimber or Wilson 1911 parts cost extra)
Trigger Job on AR’s, Bolt rifles, pistols, revolvers (Call for quote) Labor + parts
Stock refinishing: Sand stock, and apply customer choice of finish Call for Quote
Cabinet sand blasting $30/hr. Minimum $20
Tig welding $45/hr.
General Gun Cleaning (basic clean barrel bore, wipe down, clean action, oil, spray down action) $30
Pro Cleaning – Total Disassemble/ reassembly of firearm and action $80
General repairs labor $40/hr. Minimum charge $25.
Call for other services and quotes here

Firearms Coatings

Firearms can last a lifetime or more if cared for and cleaned properly. The simple design of this defense machine is satisfying to use and care for. Our CEO is a certified DuraCoat specialist. Firearm coatings are a two part chemical spray finish uniquely designed for firearms. It is available in over 70 colors, and even clear gloss. These can be used to create designs and patterns on your firearm.

DuraCoat is not only used for color. The compounds combination of hardness and elasticity acts as a protective finish. This finish is impervious to scratches, impact or weathering by the elements. DuraCoat firearm coatings have been formulated to incorporate the lubricating elements today’s shooters.

Refurbishing entails disassembling a firearm, removing grease and dirt from each individual metal part, removing grime and dirt from the outer grip, and then replacing broken, worn, or missing parts. The final step is reassembling the firearm.

Restoring a firearm is the same as refurbishing but the difference is that we keep the parts of the gun as close to the original state as possible. Creating an “as issued” condition honor the traditions of the shooting industry, and sharpens the appreciation of the many changes it has got through.

Our CEO, Ken Gaskill, grew up refurbishing his own firearms, and soon grew proficient enough that friends and family brought theirs to him. He loves tinkering with mechanics, and bringing out the shine in each piece as ardently as an art restorer. Bring your beloved firearms into Kenga Company LLC in Reading, PA, so they get the firearm coatings and treatment they deserve.

NOTE: FFL Firearm Transfers $25 long guns, $30 handguns; It is our policy to be as fair as possible with our pricing allowing for our Operating Cost. We will only accept firearm transfers from a current licensed FFL dealer unless prior arrangements have been made with Kenga Company. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but I feel this is a procedure I need to follow.

All handguns, Rifles, Receivers or Pistol frames purchased or transferred require PICS background Check.
Sales to Out of State purchasers must be transferred to customers Local In State FFL dealer for transfer to Purchaser. Please know your local laws.

In simple terms: The weapons you see on the website are ordered and sent to our location for you to pickup.